Aksal social initiative

Citizenship, Solidarity, Ethics, Humanism and Goodwill…
Essential values that help us move forward and that allow us to contribute to the projects that we believe in

Since 2004, AKSAL works daily toward supporting human development through actions that take social, economic, cultural, educational and health factors into consideration. Through the AKSAL Social Initiative corporate foundation, every day, we accomplish small and large;

scale actions that have a direct and sustainable impact on the daily lives and the future of populations and the people that we help or provide assistance to. Our objective is to foster social change in a perspective aimed at ensuring a socially and sustainably responsible future.

The foundation in action

Aksal soutient l’action de la Fondation Lalla Salma pour la Prévention & le Traitement des cancers
Medical outreach actions
Support workshops for Moroccan design
Medical caravan in Tamaloukt village
World breast cancer day conference
Night of Ordainment at the Morocco Mall
Heritage Day at the Morocco Mall
Heritage Day with the Fnac
World Environment Day
Support sustainable development with the Ain Diab Surf School
The magic of the Morocco Mall
Pink october outreach operation
Bring a smile for a day at the Morocco Mall

We wish to thank…

It would be impossible to achieve our objectives without the solidarity chain that was set up with the different foundations and associations we work with.